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Top 10 technical textiles segments for successful business ventures

In today’s uncertainty, starting a new business or value addition/expansion to the conventional business needs to be done with a great amount of care and with thorough investigation. However, crisis always opens the doors for new opportunities. Let us understand the top segments of technical textiles which would be serving the immediate needs of the world. Looking at our country’s strengths, we feel the following segments would be the most beneficial & feasible: 1. Medical Textiles - Nothing surprising here the current situation has already seen the growth of this sector. Once major importer of PPE kits today India is not only meeting its own requirement but also exporting to large extent has become one of the prominent players in this sector. We feel the right type of products which can serve appropriate quality norms will be the need of the hour. 2. Hygiene Textiles - The COVID-19 pandemic has opened a wide door for this sector & it has today acquired the status
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10 Steps post COVID19 for efficient production lines

The unlock phase 1 is on, clouds of COVID19 are now slowly moving away. It is now time to make up for all the lost time & orders. We all just wish to enter the max mode for productions & restore our businesses. However we need to remember that COVID is not yet gone & so the guidelines by government needs to be followed up to the point for a safer environment. We need to prepare ourselves in order to make our production units well equipped to come out with flying colours. Our Brain is Refreshed but not the Machines! This work from home mode might have been a blessing in disguise for our brains giving a new vision towards our businesses. You might have thought about a lot new products & innovations to add to your basket along with new marketing segments to explore. But unfortunately, the brakes applied to our machines experienced will not let them get back to their best version. Our existing setup process & machineries needs to be rehabilitated to get acquaint